November 2014

I'm hoping to share some insight into what the experience is like to have a loved one with FAVA. The difficulties my daughter, and others like her, live with everyday can be overwhelming to say the least. Chronic pain is both physically and mentally fatiguing.

I am always in awe of my daughter's ability to cope with the arduous symptoms FAVA challenges her with on a regular basis. Her toughness is to be truly admired.  Juliet has an inner strength that is inspirational to anyone who knows her.  She has taught me how important it is to find joy in every moment.

I consider myself the luckiest father to have Juliet as my daughter. As a parent, it is extremely difficult to be unable to erase the pain from my daughter's life. I want her to have the same experiences as other kids. Being restricted from most physical activities is a disappointment for Juliet but we are always trying to make is possible for her to try an activity before ruling it out.  She is never afraid to challenge herself so hopefully she will find that passion for a pass time she can handle soon.

Moving forward I hope to share thoughts on how siblings, friendships and other relationships are effected by FAVA. I will also discuss any experience I feel may provide added insight for positive results in helping the ones we love. And if anyone would like to share their thoughts, please feel free to do so. Hopefully this will be a help to those of us who care for someone with FAVA.

Dan Lyon

One Dad's Journey

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